We improve ​water and water related ​processes

Sobek-tec Engineering Consulting

SOBEK-Tec is an experienced engineering company working in the field of water treatment and desalination. 
We are specialized in seawater and brackish water desalination to supply drinking water and process water of best qualities.
Our team of engineers, technicians, merchants has decades of experience in water business.
SOBEK-TEC provides an extensive service package:
- Development of standard equipment on current state of the art
- Planning and design of tailor-made solutions
- Elaboration of proposals procedures
- Manufacturing according to customer`s specifications
- Commissioning and errection
- Service and maintenance
- Training of customer`s service engineers and operators

Turn-key solutions for various applications

Land-Based Systems Maritime Systems

offsho​re desalination

Maritime systems for seawater desalina​tion use the inexhaustible water reserves of our oceans sustainably by extracting drinking water from salty water in offshore operations

offshore desalination

Pure water for green hydrogen

The electrolysis process splits pure water into its elements hydrogen H2 and oxygen O2 consuming electricity. ​For optimal use of offshore wind power, we have developed scenarios to produce ​large quantities of green hydrogen cost-effectively with floating maritime offshore hydrogen factories.

Green ​offs​hore hydrogen production

Floating hydrogen factories are equiped with all necessary system components to produce green hydrogen from wind and seawater.

offshore H2 factory

Process Water

Cutting edge technologies for industrial water supply. 
Best water qualities according to the requirements.

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