To protect natural drinking water reserves from stressing and exploiting, maritime seawater desalination systems manage inexhaustible sources sustainably by extracting fresh water from oceans in offshore operation.


Self-sufficient maritme ​systems are built as vessel, barge, jack-up or water ferry. Vessels and barges may serve several coastal areas with fresh water regularly, periodically or on demand. Jack-Up units are connected by pipelines to onshore water networks. Water ferries unload water lorries and containers in harbour for further distribution to local and more remote locations

Advantages of mariti​​​​me systems

■ no land consumption
■ mobile and flexible systems
■ self-sufficient and carbon neutral energy supply
■ pipeline independent turn-key-solution
■ green investment with high market rate of return

Floating Desalination Systems

Floating desalination vessels, barges, jack-up´s and water ferries are designed tailor-made according to the application`s requirements.  
In this section basic information is summerized to give an idea of posibilities. Prospective applications shall be discussed in close cooperation with the project excecuting organisation. 

Fl​oating Desalination Vessel

Desalination vessels for various capacities upto 50,000 m³/d produce large drinking water volumes off shore. In a habour fresh water is unloaded to sufficient storrage tanks and distribution systems.

Water Fer​ry

RoRo-Ferries, equipped with desalination plant and filling station to feed trailers and mobile containers while sailing, unload batches of  fresh water in harbour and pick up empty units. Onshore water is distributed to any point of use. Such water satellites may service reliably areas with no or ailing pipeline systems and remote places as well. At point of use containers are delivered or water is pumped over to local storage tanks.